A major moment struck on May 12th when the Dinizulu Law Group, Ltd. was able to recover $1,163,227.45 for their client who was hurt from a truck accident injury involving a construction company. Personal injury accidents occur for various reasons and this one was a shear sign of negligence. When a person, company, or other entity acts out of negligence and causes an accident that results in injuries, they are to be held responsible, even if the incident was unintentional. That is exactly what the Chicago personal injury lawyers at the Dinizulu Law Group, Ltd. were able to do.

The client who brought forward their complaints suffered nerve damage after a truck driver working for Pan Oceanic Engineering Co. Inc. failed to secure a Bobcat skid steer to its trailer. The company along with other entities failed to follow basic safety rules which led to a verdict of punitive damages to be awarded. The total amount of punitive damages amounted to $1,000,000. The client also received $163,227.45 in compensatory damages.
When you have a reputable and dedicated team of Chicago personal injury attorneys working for you, you are able to achieve an outcome you are more than deserving of after being in an accident that wasn’t your fault.
What’s the Difference Between Punitive and Compensatory Damages?

While there are several different types of damages a victim can be awarded, the Dinizulu Law Group, Ltd. was able to recover punitive and compensatory damages for their client. But what is the difference between the two?

  • Punitive damages are awarded to the victim and serve as a form of punishment to the defendant in the case. The purpose of fighting for these damages is to help deter the defendant and others in the community from engaging in similar acts that brought the lawsuit on.
  • Compensatory damages are used to indemnify a victim for their loss or injury. In this particular case, the victim suffered nerve damage which largely resolved in 5 months.

Were You Involved in a Truck Accident in the Chicago Area?
Although the victim of the above mentioned accident has suffered, he was made whole by the resounding result sought by the Dinizulu Law Group, Ltd.. The law firm’s Chicago truck accident lawyers have over 60 years of combined experience and a reputation for tough litigation.
If you are ever injured in any sort of accident and you need legal advice, representation, or guidance, contact these car and truck accident lawyers today. You need personal injury attorneys that are going to work on your behalf to fight for the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to.

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