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Ogborn Mihm is a trial law firm that represents clients in high-stakes lawsuits. Led by Murray Ogborn, Michael Mihm, and Mike Ogborn, each a past President of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association, our trial lawyers have represented clients in hundreds of jury trials, bench trials and arbitrations. We take on the toughest business and legal malpractice cases. We represent individuals and families in serious personal injury, medical malpractice and trusts and estates litigation.

We pride ourselves on our courtroom skills and our ability to try any case, regardless of size or complexity.

While our trial teams relentlessly prepare cases for trial, we do so always keeping in mind the client's business and litigation goals. To that end, we include the client in the case planning at every step of the process. Our goal is to quickly respond to our clients’ questions and concerns and address their practical business needs.

We are pioneers in the use of jury research and courtroom technology to tell our clients’ stories. On significant cases, we use trial consultants, focus groups and other cutting-edge trial techniques and technology to prepare the case for trial.