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Some of my best memories as a child came from sitting with my grandfather and watching Perry Mason and Matlock. Ever since then I have always wanted to be a lawyer and so when the opportunity came, I attended Law School at the Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law at the University of Memphis. Once I graduated from Law School, I focused my practice on Criminal Defense with a special focus on DUI.

The State of Tennessee will revoke your DriverÍs License should you be convicted of DUI, and like other criminal convictions; the social stigma, financial hardship from loss of employment and family troubles are likely to follow you outside the doors of the courthouse and could potentially haunt you for years after your day in Court.

It is my job to make an assessment as to your best defense against DUI, analyze the specific facts of your case as they align with the law and determine if the arresting law enforcement agency followed the specific rules and procedures required in stopping your vehicle and determining your sobriety. Nothing pleases me more than helping my clients turn a stressful and potentially life-changing situation into one of relief and confidence as they face their circumstance with peace of mind and knowledge that only comes with taking a case on with a knowledgeable lawyer at oneÍs side.

I have successfully defended clients against allegations of DUI and other criminal conduct in over twenty-five (25) Counties in the State of Tennessee. Allow me to use my knowledge of the Courts and their personnel, my expertise in the law and relentless work ethic to defend your rights. Call my office today and make an appointment for a free consultation and know that you have taken the first steps to secure your freedom, your rights and your future happiness!