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I am passionate about helping clients that no other attorney would help. I had a case of slip and fall, of a nurse who had a past history of substance abuse, and was unemployed. Her lawyer was from a very rich, powerful firm: Barron, out of Dallas. It turns out that my grade school classmate: the Honorable David Berchelman, who has been elevated to the Appeals Court in San Antonio, had recently ruled in a Wal-Mart case that companies could put up warning signs in a 'good businesslike manner' when they were notified of a slippery or dangerous floor. Simply, this spelled doom for slip and fall cases, so my clients attorney in a fancy office at the Frost Tower never returned Heather's calls. I took the case, and was hammered by the Asset Protection people at HEB. I decided from my banking days to go to the top: I finally reached Senior V.P. Abel Martinez, his father had just died. So, I sent him a condolence card. He offered a decent settlement. Understand my client would have never received a dime if this had gone to trial. I have found my niche,

I want to eventually have a large caseload of clients, that need special handling, and superior negotiating skills, as well as deep experience in reaching decision-makers, who can really help. then buy an Airstream and spend more time at Port Aransas, clearing out my sinus problems with the heat of the sun!!!!