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Personal injures do not just cause physical damages, they can impact you emotionally and physically, as well. If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury, such as a motor vehicle accident, wrongful death, brain injury, or catastrophic injury, you may not even be able to estimate the extent of your life-long damages at the time of the accident.

Most car accidents happen on the weekend, but most personal injury attorneys are not available on the weekend. At Blackman Legal Group, attorney Clifford Blackman is committed to ensuring that his clients receive the timely attention that they deserve, including making himself available on weekends and outside of business hours, when necessary. Why is availability so important? There can be significant pressure on accident victims to accept the terms of a settlement because of immediate and pressing medical or other needs. A person who has lost the use of a vehicle in an accident may mistakenly believe that a settlement is necessary to get a rental car or that they must agree to an insurance companyjs offer in order to get medical care. Being able to consult with an attorney helps ensure that you do not bargain away your rights in an effort to get immediate help.

Just like you should not accept a settlement in order to make things happen more quickly, you should not settle for a personal injury attorney because you feel pressured for time. Cliff Blackman is one of the leading personal injury attorneys in California, and is known for his aggressive representation and zealous advocacy of personal injury victims. Visit his website at to view some of the settlements and verdicts that have helped build this reputation. With offices in Oakland, we work with clients in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Redwood City, and Sacramento. To schedule a free consultation with Cliff, contact him at 866-692-8126.