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South Carolina has taken a tough-on-crime stance that promotes the zealous prosecution of those accused of crime. Attorney David Farrell, a former prosecutor, understands how such a position can have a negative impact on criminal defendants because police and prosecutors may act as if they presume guilt, rather than innocence. However, the basic cornerstone of the American criminal justice system is that defendants are innocent until proven guilty. All defendants have the right to an attorney and to be zealously represented by that attorney. Moreover, the technicalities that many tough-on-crime advocates complain about are the very things that preserve all of our rights. When those technicalities are not observed, it is too easy for actually innocent defendants to be convicted of crimes.

David has focused on criminal law since being admitted to the South Carolina Bar in 1990. As both a prosecutor and a defense attorney, David came to understand that criminal convictions impact people in a way that goes beyond the criminal justice system. Convictions can impact employability, change civil judgments particularly in divorce or custody proceedings, and impact whether defendants can enjoy privileges like driving. He also understands that, in many instances, a criminal conviction may not be the best result, not only for the defendant, but also for the victims.

If you are in South Carolina and find yourself facing charges for drug offenses, driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI), traffic violations, criminal domestic violence, computer crimes, white collar crimes like embezzlement or fraud, assault and battery, robbery, manslaughter, murder, or other felony or misdemeanor charges, David can help you minimize the impact of those charges. If you have previously been convicted, David may be able to help you with post-conviction relief such as expungements. Contact him at 803-807-2205, toll free at 888-873-9897 or visit him at his website at: