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Attorney Ed Bernstein has 30 years of experience in helping plaintiffs recover from personal injuries. He focuses his practice on personal injury recovery, so that he can offer all his clients, skilled, expert representation for their injuries. The most common types of injuries that Ed works with are: car accidents, truck accidents, and other vehicle accidents; medical and dental malpractice; caretaker negligence or abuse; workers compensation; social security disability; or drug or product defects and recalls. However, Ed also has enough experience to make him a great representative if you have suffered an unusual injury that might be outside of the practice experience for attorneys who do not specialize in personal injuries or who have not been working in the field for as long as Ed has.

Edjs experience has gained him recognition from a wide variety of community organizations. He received the Clark County Bar Associationjs Professionalism Award and the Community Heroes Award; was named one of the Distinguished Men in Southern Nevada; is a member of Mothers Against Drunk Driving; was named an Executive of the Year by Professional Secretaries International, has received the Citizens Committee on Victimsj Rights Award; and received a Community Achievement Award from the Womanjs American ORT. These awards and recognitions help demonstrate what Edjs clients already know; Ed works hard to ensure that the people he represents are treated fairly and receive sufficient compensation for their injuries.

In fact, one of the significant benefits of Edjs expertise is that he can do a good job of helping clients estimate the extent of their damages, because many personal injuries are linked, not only to physical damage, but also to emotional damages, pain and suffering, personal problems, and financial difficulties. Ensuring that damages compensate for all of the consequences of a personal injury is one of Edjs specialties. If you have been damaged in an accident or suffered another personal injury, contact Ed for a consultation. You may call him at 888-838-3575 or visit his website at: http://www.edbernstein.com/ to chat with a representative and set up a consultation.