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The influence of a 24-hour news cycle has led to the creation of celebrity defense attorneys, who become famous because of the clients that they represent, and then seem to focus on chasing that fame, instead of representing their clients. Brooklyn, New York criminal defense attorney Howard Greenberg has also become famous; not for the clients that he represents, but because of how he represents them. In over two decades of representing criminal defendants, Greenberg has represented roughly 4,000 defendants in cases that run the gamut of the criminal spectrum, resulting in acquittals and dismissals in many cases where the defendants believed such results were impossible. One of the reasons that Greenberg has been so successful is because of his tremendous skill at cross-examination. He has been described as fearless in the courtroom and as the best cross-examiner on the planet; two wonderful traits for a criminal defense attorney.

Greenberg does not limit his practice to Brooklyn, or even to New York. He can represent clients in any jurisdiction in the United States, in any court, from case inception through trial. He can help you with negotiating surrender, handling active warrants, arraignment, pretrial proceedings, bail hearings, suppression hearings, pretrial negotiations, plea-bargains, jury and non-jury trials, post-verdict proceedings, appeals, and post release proceedings such a parole or probation violations.

Greenberg is an honors graduate of John Jay College of Criminal Justice, holds a masters in Forensic Psychology, and is an honors graduate of Fordham University School of Law. He is a guest lecturer at Fordham University School of Law, an adjunct assistant professor of Constitutional Law at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, an author, and a guest commentator on Court TV. Greenberg considers himself on-call for his clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To reach him, call his Brooklyn office at 718-797-1800, his New Jersey office at 732-935-0121, or his mobile phone at 917-716-6416. You may also visit his website at: