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One of the secrets that many people do not know about plaintiffÍs personal injury attorneys is that many of them are not trial attorneys. They seek settlements and avoid trials, because trials introduce risk, and risk means that people being paid on a contingency might not get paid. ItÍs an ugly reality that few outside of the legal profession acknowledge. Attorney Joseph Petrizzo is the exception that proves the rule. Petrizzo started his career as a prosecutor with the Bronx District AttorneyÍs Office, and has been a trial lawyer for 30 years, since his admission to the New York Bar in 1984. In 1996, Petrizzo was a founding member of the law firm DeProspo, Petrizzo & Longo, a law firm specializing in accidents and personal injuries throughout the Hudson Valley.
Some people may see a big difference between working as a prosecutor and working as a personal injury attorney, but Petrizzo has always been committed to helping victims. He understands that the victims of serious accidents may suffer many of the same complications and damages as people who are crime victims. The combination of his commitment to accident victims and his willingness to go to trial has put Petrizzo in the position to handle some of the more complicated personal injury cases in the Hudson Valley. Whether victims have suffered because of auto accidents, construction injuries, products liability issues, or other causes of personal injuries, Petrizzo commits to personally handling his cases from start to finish. Petrizzo also knows when to call in experts, having established an extensive network of professional relationships with experts to help him with accident reconstruction, economics, and medical injuries. If you have a complicated case and want an attorney that will commit to you from start to finish, contact Joe Petrizzo at 845-294-3361 or