Some criminal defense attorneys take a large number of cases at a time, relying on different processing speeds in the criminal justice system to help them devote adequate time and attention to each case. Attorney Rob Henson believes that, since your criminal case is the one that is the most important to you, it should also be important to him, and he limits his caseload to 10 to 15 cases at a time, to ensure that your criminal case gets the time and attention that it deserves?

Why does Rob limit his caseload this way when taking on more cases would obviously increase his earnings? He does so because, to him, being a defense attorney is not simply a job; it is a calling. The American criminal justice system is supposed to protect the rights of the accused above all else, requiring the highest standard of proof in the world to support a conviction. However, the criminal justice system is overwhelmed, making it easy for a defendant to fall through the cracks without an attorney who is zealously representing them and watching out for their interests at every opportunity.

Rob is a graduate of the University of Arkansas and the University of Tulsa School of Law. He is a member of the Oklahoma Bar Association Criminal Law Section, a former member of Hudson-Hall-Wheaton American Inns of Court, a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Criminal Defense LawyerÍs Association.

If you are in Tulsa or the greater Oklahoma area and are facing charges for assault and battery, burglary, domestic violence, drug charges, embezzlement, sex crimes, theft, or other felony or misdemeanor charges, the potential consequences are too severe to trust to just anyone. Contact Rob at 918-551-8995, via email at [email protected] or visit his website at http://myoklahomadefenselawyer.com/ to schedule a consultation and find out what his personal approach can do for you.