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Few people understand that being practical is one of the most desirable qualities in an attorney. Some attorneys concentrate on winning a case, making them more likely to agree to settlements that may not meet all of their clientsÍ needs. Other attorneys focus on winning large awards, ignoring the risk that comes with rejecting reasonable settlement offers. Practical attorneys have the skills to negotiate great settlements and to take cases to trial, plus the judgment to know which is appropriate. Having spent years working in personal injury law, attorney Scott Drescher is not afraid to consider himself a practical attorney. From the moment he first interacts with a client and assesses injuries and the anticipated lifelong costs of those injuries, to the guidance he gives clients when assessing settlement offers and deciding whether or not to proceed to trial, Drescher keeps practical considerations of his clientsÍ practical needs as the focus of his practice. His victories reflect a mix of favorable settlements and judgments, demonstrating DrescherÍs keen ability to judge what outcome is right for his clients (
No one should confuse DrescherÍs practicality for a lack of passion. Drescher has been a passionate advocate since his law school days at Ohio Northern UniversityÍs Claude W. Pettit College of Law, where he spent time teaching street law at a local high school. Working with those students, Pettit became aware of how much of a disadvantage a lack of understanding about the legal process could be. Clerking at Cole and Moore, Drescher gained tremendous insight into the personal injury process, getting firsthand experience in working with insurance companies as they dealt with personal injury cases. He came to understand how attorneys could hurt or help their clients in the personal injury process and came to believe that his lifeÍs calling was to help people who were struggling with life-changing injuries. If you think you might need Mr. DrescherÍs help, please call 843-377-0407 or visit his website: