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If you are in need of a Baton Rouge personal injury lawyer for an auto accident, the attorneys at Babcock Partners are ready to help you. We stand up for innocent victims just like you every day, and ensure their rights to compensation are fulfilled.rnrnTypically, after an auto accident, the insurance companies will go back and forth amongst each other to avoid paying out what they already know they should. They might offer a lower settlement than what you truly deserve, or might even deny the auto accident was the fault of their insured client. When you have been injured, don’t be put on the back-burner. What happened to you matters and should not be ignored. Rely on an injury attorney baton rouge from our firm to stand up for you.rnrnAlthough we always attempt to settle your personal injury claim out of court, we always go to trial if needed. This may seem like a given, but the number of Baton Rouge personal injury lawyers that are not willing to step into court may surprise you. The lawyers at Babcock Partners are ready to fight for your rights after a personal injury or accident has turned your life upside down.