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Attorney James Wu, founder and principal of BaltimoreÍs Injury Law Center, believes that an attorneyÍs primary and most important role is that of the advocate and that his job is to help give his clients a voice in situations where they may feel as if their voices have been taken from them. While it is important for all legal clients to feel as if their attorneys are giving them a voice, it is especially critical in areas where people are typically treated like little more than a number by those they encounter. Personal injury law is one such area. While James was once corporate counsel, he discovered that his advocacy meant much more to individual clients that might not have been given a voice without his help. He brings this same level of dedication to all of his clients, and has focused his practice on auto accidents, nursing home negligence, and DUI disputes.

This client-centered focus not only impacts the type of cases James takes, but also the manner in which he represents clients. No attorney can guarantee an outcome for clients; it is unethical and dishonest to do so. However, what James can do is guarantee that, if you choose his firm, you will receive the type of personal attention and service that he would expect to receive if he were a client. James and his associates will come to you for meetings, provide free consultations, offer transparency and reasonableness in their rates, and are excellent about returning phone calls. James understands how valuable your time is and that you have a choice when selecting an attorney to represent you in your personal injury or DUI matters; his goal is to make his clients thankful they chose him.

For a consultation with James, contact him at 410-662-8444 or visit him online at: