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For most people in Southwestern Illinois, driving is a daily necessity. Whether it's to get to work or pick up kids from school, life in Collinsville usually requires daily driving. However, just because driving is part of most people's daily routine doesn't change the fact that it's always a risk. Even when people are very careful and attentive while driving, there's no way to guarantee that every other driver on the road is being just as responsible.

Someone Else's Negligence Can Change Your Life

It only takes a few seconds for someone to get distracted by their cellphone or trying to do their makeup. That very brief period is enough time for a driver to lose control of their vehicle. And if the result of their loss of control is hitting your car, it can have very serious consequences.

Recovering from a serious car accident can require an extended period of time. During this time, it may be impossible for you to continue working. But just because you can't work doesn't mean your bills will stop. If you're worried about how you're going to stay on top of your regular bills, as well as all the new medical bills, you need to call Bitzer Law Firm.

Get the Monetary Compensation You Deserve

If you were injured by another driver's negligence in Southwestern Illinois, you are most likely entitled to monetary compensation. While that is good news, the bad news is insurance companies are notorious for not wanting to pay.

In order to secure what you deserve, you need the experience and knowledge of the Bitzer Law Firm. By calling John Bitzer, you can have your case reviewed by a highly knowledgable Collinsville personal injury attorney. And if John Bitzer determines that you do have a valid case, you won't pay anything out of pocket for him to take on your case.