Before law school became the accepted way to train lawyers, future attorneys would clerk with experienced lawyers while studying the law. This practical experience is one of the things missing from the modern law school education, but it is one of the things that Tampa area attorney Raymond Todd Burbine believes is critical to an understanding of the law. That is why he focused on getting practical experience while attending Whittier Law School. He worked as a law clerk with the Orange County Public DefenderÍs Office, the Tampa City AttorneyÍs Office, and private firms, getting a wide variety of experience and learning from mentors. He carried that drive to learn from the best into his early career, working as an assistant city attorney and then as an association in private firms. Todd realized that he could learn from other business and community leaders, not just lawyers, and extended his contacts into local business groups and the Rotary Club, committing himself to learning from the best before establishing Burbine Law Firm, P.A.

This commitment to excellence shows in ToddÍs individual approach to every case. With a wide range of background legal experience, Todd is prepared to handle complex client problems. What some clients do not understand is that it can be difficult to pigeonhole legal problems into a single practice area. For example, many divorces involve complex financial transactions that require expertise in business and commercial transactions, not just in family law. Todd has the experience to handle multiple dimensions of your legal issues.

With offices in St. Pete, Tampa, and Orlando, Todd is prepared to help clients throughout the southern Florida region with legal issues ranging from family law to estate planning and commercial litigation. For a free consultation, you can contact him at 1-866-670-5556 or visit the website at: http://rtblawfirm.com