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While some attorneys are big advocates of specialization, Hollister area attorney Chad Davis is a big believer in general practice, because he believes that attorneys need to understand the interrelationship between diverse areas of the law. Chad has a practice that many would view as diverse, practicing criminal law, family law, civil litigation, as well as trial law because he understands that decisions in each of those areas have the potential to have a lingering impact on people in other areas and he wants to be certain that his clients understand the full range of potential ramifications attached to every decision.

A graduate of the College of the Ozarks and the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law, Chad worked as an associate attorney at Brown & James and Dempsey & Kingsland before starting his own firm, Chad R. Davis LLC.

Chad has a Good AVVO rating, where he is endorsed as a knowledgeable attorney who is friendly and easy to work with. In fact, Chad believes these are critical attributes for an attorney. So many attorneys believe that representing their clients means that they must take a hostile approach to opposing counsel, which can actually make it much more difficult to achieve a successful resolution on behalf of their clients. This is especially true in a family law context, where lawyers who take adversarial positions can really fuel the fighting between divorcing parties and make it much more difficult for spouses to transition to their next stage of life, which is critical when spouses have children in common and need to continue in a new relationship as co-parents even after ending their marriage.

Chadjs office is centrally located in Hollister, not far from the Branson area. To schedule a consultation with him, you can contact him at 417-334-5055.