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Queens attorney Charles Zolot has dedicated himself to helping clients through the two most difficult experiences many people will ever experience- divorce and bankruptcy. While many people dismiss them as mere legal procedures, the reality is that divorce and bankruptcy are about more than a legal decision regarding a personÍs assets. They reflect lost dreams and missed opportunities, which can make it very difficult for a client to enter into them with an objective perspective. People may think of themselves as failures for contemplating divorce or bankruptcy, and may delay their decisions to seek help because of those concerns. As a result, by the time they do consult with an expert, their situation may be at its absolute worst. That can leave people feeling helpless and depressed.

Charles understands that these emotions are a natural component of the divorce process, and of the bankruptcy process. Rather than ignore that those feelings exist, he helps clients cope with them, so that they can be aware of how their emotions may be impacting their decision-making process. By having clients take a step back and view their situation in a more objective manner, Charles is frequently able to guide clients to a more responsible resolution of their legal dilemmas that provides the best long-term benefit for their families.

In fact, Charles focuses on long-term benefits. In his divorce practice, he is clear with his clients who have children that he places the childrenÍs needs first because that is what is best for the family as a whole. He will not engage in some of the damaging practices that other divorce attorneys employ because he cannot advise that his clients sacrifice long-term results for short-term gain. As a bankruptcy attorney, Charles also focuses on long-term benefits for his clients, sometimes urging painful and difficult financial decisions as a way of helping a family recover from unforeseen financial struggles.

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