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Austin area personal injury attorney Chris Robson is aware that many people dismiss personal injury attorneys with disparaging names or insults. They may wrongfully believe that personal injury attorneys try to exploit an accident in order to help their clients profit because of someoneÍs innocent mistake. Unfortunately, many people do not realize how wrong their idea of personal injury law has been until they are the ones who have been hurt in an accident and they find themselves in unfamiliar and daunting legal scenarios, unsure of the appropriate way to resolve their issues, not certain whether a settlement offer will be sufficient to cover the real lifelong costs of their injuries, and dealing with physical and emotional pain that can make it very difficult to make a decision. It is only then that many people understand a personal injury attorneyÍs job, which is to be an advocate on behalf of his or her clients, helping them receive a settlement or award that is sufficient to compensate them for the true lifelong costs of any injuries that they sustained. The goal is to make the client whole again after an injury.

Chris has over 19 years of legal experience and all of that has been in personal injury law, and he established the Robson Law Firm in 1999 specifically to help personal injury victims and their families recover from those injuries. He specializes in personal injury, wrongful death, and medical malpractice claims, with a practice that is centered in Austin but spans throughout Texas. Chris received his Bachelor of Arts from Louisiana State University, his MasterÍs in Business from Louisiana Tech University, and his Juris Doctor from Oklahoma City University.

To find out what Chris can do for you, contact him today for a free consultation. You can reach him at 512-345-8200 or visit him online at