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Bryson Cloon and his firm have handled commercial truck accidents all over the Midwest. Accidents involving big rigs can cause the most serious and deadly injuries because of their weight and size and there is a variety of reasons for these terrible accidents. When we get a trucking case, we look for every little detail that may have contributed to the accident- driver fatigue, alcohol or drug use, texting, cell phone use, excessive speed, or aggressive behavior, just to name a few.

Contributing causes may also include the conduct of the trucking company-
poorly maintained vehicles,
forcing unreasonable deadlines on drivers,
failure to follow state and federal regulations,
allowing the driver to maintain two sets of logbooks,
and a host of other misdeeds by the company.

In one case, we examined the truck cab immediately after the accident and found a repair document in the glove compartment that stated that the brakes were badly worn and needed to be replaced. The trucking company did not authorize the repairs and two days later the truck's brakes failed and the driver ran into our client, breaking her neck and resulting in her untimely death. We also get Court Orders to take custody of the electronic data recorders (commonly referred to as "black boxes"). We use experts to download and analyze the data available.

The information that can be obtained is extraordinary-
it provides global positioning at the time of accident,
tracks vehicle maintenance,
driver performance,
number of hours in operation,
and in some models, even provides email exchanges between the driver and the company.

This information is of tremendous value and must be obtained as quickly as possible before the trucking company has a chance to destroy it.