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  • Accident
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Truck Accident
  • Nursing Home Abuse
  • Drunk Driving Accident

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If you tell a lawyer joke, you might want to make sure that Longview area attorney Eric Cooper is not within earshot. It is not that Eric does not have a great sense of humor; he does. It is because you might feel a little silly insulting lawyers when around someone like Eric, who had dedicated himself to ensuring that all people have access to justice.
A small-town lawyer, Eric passed up some great career opportunities in larger towns when he graduated from Baylor University in 2002, specifically because of his desire to work in Longview. He felt like the practice of law would be more rewarding in small town environment where he could be part of the community and see, firsthand, how he was helping people.

Eric began his practice at Brown McCarroll, LLP, where he worked as a defense attorney for corporations in product liability suits and as counsel for governmental entities in administrative, employment, and general litigation matters. In 2007, Eric left Brown McCarroll to begin his own firm, where he has used the knowledge he learned as a defense attorney to help plaintiffs in their claims against these large defendants.

Eric focuses his practice on personal injury including motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, oil field injury cases, premises liability, and products liability cases. He devotes personal attention to each one of his clients, which has helped him towards successful verdicts in cases that other attorneys considered unwinnable. This personal attention is also critical in maintaining relationships with clients, which should come as no surprise since one of the most frequent complaints that clients have about attorneys is a lack of reliable and consistent communication.

To find out what Eric can do to help you, contact him at 903-297-0037, toll free at 1-855-297-HURT or visit his website at: