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Fort Lauderdale area family law attorney Curtis (Curt) R. Cowan understands something about family law that many attorneys fail to appreciate; family law issues, even joyful ones, are often surrounded by difficult and challenging emotional issues that can make decision-making difficult and painful. However, resolving these legal issues, is critical to helping people move forward and build healthy, safe, and happy families. The Family Law Department of KO Lawyers can help.

Curt has set himself apart from other since beginning his legal education. A graduate of Ohio State University, he went on to attend Nova Southeastern University Law School, where he became Editor-in-Chief of the Nova Law Review, received the DeanÍs Award for Academic Excellence, and graduated magna cum laude. Curt is a member of the Florida Bar and the American Bar Association, as well as their Family Law Sections, and the Broward County Bar Association. He is a Board Certified Marital and Family Lawyer and a certified mediator. He was a partner at Holland & Knight, LLP, but decided that his approach to family law is best accomplished as a solo practitioner. As a solo practitioner, he can devote the time to your case, not just focusing on your legal issues, but helping guide you to resources for the ancillary issues that develop in family law cases.

Unlike some family law attorneys who want to increase strife to increase their earning, Curt is committed to amicable, comprehensive resolution of family law matters, whether they be divorce/dissolution of marriage, division of marital assets and debt, child custody, parenting agreements, visitation, child support, alimony, post-decree modifications, or lawsuits surrounding paternity. Of course, an amicable resolution is not always possible, and Curt has the expertise to help protect your interests when a fight is inevitable.

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