Lincoln are attorney Dale Dahlin knows that, if you are like most people, you are not sure where to start when choosing an attorney. After all, most people do not plan for the legal dilemmas that require them to find council and may not know what questions to ask about an attorney. This can put people at a tremendous disadvantage, since the right choice of legal council can make a dramatic difference in the outcome of a legal dispute. Dale believes that the more you know about an attorney, the better able you are to determine whether the attorney is a good match for you.

Dale is a Nebraska native who grew up in Kearney and graduated from Kearney State College with a B.S. in Economics and then went on to earn his J.D. from the University of Nebraska College of Law. He is admitted to the bar in Nebraska and California, having spent a portion of his time as a young lawyer in California, where he gained critical experience as a personal injury attorney. There he worked as both a plaintiffsÍ attorney and a defense attorney, which helped him gain practice knowledge about what insurance companies look for when settling personal injury claims and how to present those claims on behalf of those clients. Dale then returned to Nebraska, practicing in Lincoln with an emphasis on personal injury, workersÍ compensation, and DUI defense.
Dale has the experience to help you negotiate a favorable settlement, but is also not afraid to take a case to trial, where he can fight for your rights. To schedule a consultation with Dale and see if he is the attorney to help you recover for your injuries or defend your rights, call him at 402-423-4300 or toll free at 800-261-9876, or visit him online at: http://www.daledahlin.com.