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Philadelphia area attorney Daniel McGarrigle believes that criminal defense is more than a profession; it is a calling. Many people erroneously believe that if someone is accused of a crime, then they are probably guilty and believe that defense attorneys are helping criminals commit crimes. They believe that an attorney who uses ñtechnicalitiesî to help their clients are cheating victims. What these people ignore is that the technicalities that defense attorneys use are not actually technicalities; they are the cornerstones of the American criminal justice system. When police, prosecutors, judges, and juries ignore those technicalities, then the presumption of innocence disappears. The result is that innocent people are punished, punishments that are administered are disproportionate to crimes, and we impose criminal punishments in scenarios that would be better treated with other interventions.

Daniel attended Villanova University where he focused on sociology and criminal justice, and then Beasley School of Law at Temple University. His background helps him understand the social causes of crime and has made him very aware that, while people may do bad things that does not make them bad people. Daniel practices all types of criminal law, but is best known for his representation in the following areas: internet crimes, sex crimes, white collar crimes, drug and gun possession crimes, and DUIs. He also works on both appeals and expungements, where he can help clients after conviction as well as civil rights and police brutality cases. The outcome of your case is going to depend on several factors, and sometimes the evidence against you and your criminal history may make a not-guilty verdict highly unlikely. However, Daniel can still work with you to help minimize your sentence, ensure you get treatment, or otherwise mitigate the impact of punishment.

To schedule a consultation with Daniel, call his Philadelphia office at 215-701-4653 or the Delaware County office at 610-566-3010 or visit him online at: