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Attorney David Payne understands that, although we have an adversarial legal system, a lawyer does not need to be hostile or aggressive in order to be effective for his clients. On the contrary, taking such an attitude can actually make things much more difficult for clients, because the attorneyÍs brusque attitude may be linked to the client. That is why David prides himself on the relationships he has with other attorneys, judges, and members of the legal profession, as well as his reputation as being diplomatic and polite, while never compromising his clientsÍ interests. He believes it is not only possible, but also part of his job as an officer of the court, to engage in a good legal battle, without compromising civility.

It is difficult to put into words the benefit that clients receive from hiring a well-respected attorney. Obviously, it means that the client is not going to be negatively impacted by any personal disputes the attorney might have with others in the legal field. However, it means more than that; attorneys and judges are human beings, as well, and, simply put, people give respect when they get respect. As a result, when David approaches colleagues to discuss settlement or plea options, they often skip the time-wasting back-and-forth, and quickly get to the best-case scenario, which puts David, and is clients, in the best position for determining whether a pre-trial solution is possible or whether a trial will be necessary. In both criminal and civil scenarios, knowing that a case is going to be resolved without a trial can significantly reduce costs for clients, while failing to prepare for trial because of a belief that the case will be settled can put clients at a disadvantage if the case has to head to trial.

Of course, DavidÍs emphasis on respect does not end with his legal peers; he is known for the respect and consideration he gives his clients, from the basic courtesy of promptly returning phone calls to the consideration he gives to how legal decisions will impact all areas of his clientsÍ lives.

With offices in Asheville and Marshall, and after-hours calls by cell-phone, David is there for his clients. To schedule a consultation, contact him during office hours at 28-258-0076, after hours at 828-393-3000, or visit him online at: