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It has been my experience that matrimonial and family law proceedings are often the most emotionally and psychologically trying events in people’s lives. Even the most amicable divorce or custody dispute can be an emotional gauntlet. Litigants are forced to involve virtual strangers in the most intimate parts of their lives and, potentially, those same strangers may be making decisions for them regarding their children, their finances, and their future.

As a solo practitioner with a practice primarily devoted to matrimonial and family law, I am required to be more than a legal adviser and advocate, I must become my client’s confidant. I tell clients the first time I meet them that I am going to be one of the most important people in their lives for the duration of their proceeding.

Having handled a number of complex matrimonial and family law litigations, I strive to help clients make sense of the legal process ahead of them, a process that is at best, trying, and at its worst, incomprehensible.

Recent reviews

I had a pretty difficult case where the father of my child did all his financial transactions overseas. I was very skeptical in the beginning whether I should even start a case. I was turned down by other attorneys. David took the case and I\'m getting a child support now. David was able to convince and prove that he\'s hiding money. Very professional, tough attorney and a wonderful person. Always answers emails and calls