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A happily married and devoted husband and father, people often ask attorney Elliot Green why he practices family law. After all, few people come to family law attorneys because they are happy, but, instead, seek out help from family law attorneys because their families are self-destructing. However, Elliot believes that every child deserves the kind of happiness and commitment that he and his wife bring to their own family life, and that, if that is not possible in a marriage, the best thing for the children, as well as for the parents, is for the parents to separate and learn how to navigate life as co-parents, rather than spouses.

New York has transitioned to integrated domestic violence courts, and Elliot has experience in those courts. Domestic violence can shatter families, and Elliot works diligently to protect victims of domestic violence, ensuring that their stories are told in court. However, because domestic violence allegations are taken seriously by the courts, it is important to realize that some people make false allegations in order to try to gain leverage in divorce proceedings. Elliot is aware of this, and he works just as diligently to protect people falsely accused of domestic violence as he does on behalf of true victims.

ElliotÍs background makes him a perfect candidate for a divorce attorney. A graduate of John Jay College and the City University of New York School of Law at Queens College, Elliot spent much of his education examining issues that interact with family law. He has worked as a professor at Interboro Institute, where he taught family law and litigation. He worked as a child abuse prosecutor, learning not only about the horrific impact of domestic abuse on families, but also how harmful false allegations can be.

If you are facing a divorce or other family law issue, contact Elliot at 718-260-8668 or 718-689-0282 to schedule a free 30 minute initial phone consultation. You can also visit his website at: