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  • Accident
  • Drug Charges
  • Personal Injury
  • Traffic Law
  • Truck Accident
  • Car Accident
  • Criminal Defense

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I have been litigating cases in Mobile and Baldwin Counties, Alabama since 1984. Over the years I have observed too many lawyers say, ñthere was just no way to win this thing.î I have a difficult time believing that. I believe that every case has a ñwin,î itÍs just up to us to find it. ThatÍs why I believe we should ñFIND A WAY TO WIN, NOT A REASON TO LOSE.î

I have dedicated my professional career to helping those in need. With over 30 years of litigation practice, I have learned to identify the win in a case. Every case is different and is constructed of different facts, circumstances and people. Sometimes the win comes in different forms _ i.e., in civil cases, the win might be a verdict in favor of my client, or a settlement to my clientÍs satisfaction. In criminal cases, the win might be in the form of a Not Guilty, Dismissal, Nol Prossed, Reduced Sentence, Good Behavior, or some other Alternative Sentence. Every case is different and deserves individual attention.

I graduated law school from Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, AL in 1984. I made DeanÍs List and passed the bar on the first try. I moved to Mobile, AL alone and began my practice without a single client or family member to back me up. I fought and scraped for everything I have. I have helped thousands of people over the years and have developed long lasting relationships with those IÍve helped.

I spent two years prosecuting cases in the Mobile County D.A.Ís office. My time spent there was invaluable to my career. I prosecuted everything from worthless checks to murder. I developed relationships with other prosecutors, judges, police officers and probation officers that still assist me today.

In my criminal defense practice I have successfully defended people in sex offenses, assault and violent crimes, domestic violence, theft, drugs possession and distributions, robberies, DUI and other traffic offenses.

My civil practice primarily involves representing people in personal injury cases, some contract disputes and often times in defense of credit card collection lawsuits. I have won the large majority of those cases in which I have been involved.

Please feel free to call upon me if I can help you. IÍm only a phone call away.