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  • Wrongful Death
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Some injuries can change a life forever. Serious injures can require around-the-clock medical care, multiple surgeries, and intense unbearable pain. Catastrophic injuries can mean the victim can no longer care for himself/herself or enjoy the daily pleasures of life. Many injuries are permanent. They can prevent the victim from ever working or resuming work. Some injuries leave visible physical scars. Others can lead to a lifetime of depression and anxiety.

At Gainsberg Law, our attorneys understand how devastating injuries can be. We have a strong record of tough representation for clients who were severely injured through the fault of another. We counsel clients when a company fails to design a product properly, fails to make the sidewalks or stairways safe, or when accidents occur while you’re visiting or touring Chicago or the surrounding areas. When injuries happen, our Chicago personal injury attorneys fight for compensation for physical pain and suffering, lost income, scarring, and payment of all reasonable medical bills.