While a legal education is a critical part of an attorneyÍs training, New York attorney Jay Goldberg believes that there is no substitute for experience when it comes to really understanding the criminal law. He is a former Deputy Chief in the Kings County Trial Bureau, Grand Jury Bureau, and Domestic Violence Bureau. He was also the former First Deputy Bureau Chief in the Major Narcotics Investigations Bureau. In each of those roles, he had the opportunity to learn and practice various subtypes of criminal law, learning, as a prosecutor, not only the technical requirements for criminal convictions, but also the feel of the community and how jurors and judges would respond to various allegations.

Jay quickly became a respected expert in his field. He became a lecturer at the New York Police Academy, where he helped teach police officers and recruits information about search warrants and trial preparation. In fact, he became known for his trial preparation expertise and taught law enforcement officers from various state, federal, and local agencies different trial techniques. In other words, Jay literally trained the prosecution and its witnesses how to present a criminal case.

Then, Jay became a defense attorney. Some clients do not understand how former prosecutors can be defense attorneys, because they see prosecutors and defense attorneys as adversaries. While this is true in an individual case, when looked at from a broader perspective, it is clear that prosecutors and defense attorney are not adversaries, but people working in the same system with the same goal; to ensure that justice is served. Justice is not served if a person is convicted of a crime without the state being forced to meet their burden of proof; those convictions strip citizens of their rights and dramatically increase the risk of wrongful convictions. Therefore, while no attorney can ever guarantee an outcome in a criminal case, Jay can promise his clients that if they choose to fight the charges against them, he will use his years of legal expertise to ensure that the state has to prove every single element of an offense before the client can be convicted.

If you have been accused of a crime and want a legal expert in your corner, contact Jay for a free consultation. You can reach him at 212-766-3366 or visit him online at http://www.goldbergandallen.com.