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At HLF, we take the time to dig deep into the facts and circumstances of the accident to determine the true cause. Was it caused by driver fatigue? Was the driver over-worked, or were they falsifying their hours-of-service logs? Does the company have satellite tracking for its trucks? Does the truckjs black box or Event Data Controller show that the truck was speeding or that it made an aggressive maneuver just prior to the collision? If the accident was a result of equipment failure, did the driver do a proper pre-trip inspection, and did the company safety director properly train and supervise its drivers and have a proper maintenance program?

These are all questions that are vital to a successful claim or lawsuit. Asking the right questionscand having the experience to know how to get complete answers to these questionsccan mean the difference between an average recovery and life-changing recompense. Donjt settle for anything less. Call or chat with HLF today.