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James D. Mosteller III

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  • Divorce
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For almost thirty years of practice, Attorney James D. Mosteller, III, the founder of the Mosteller Law Firm, has been providing legal assistance to South Carolina small business owners and local government leaders. His personal interest in business and government law issues has been prevalent throughout his years in legal practice, adding scope to his other areas of experience in litigation, personal injury, criminal defense and real estate law. The Mosteller Law Firm welcomes new clients from across the state of South Carolina, and currently serves many clients from Aiken, Bamberg and Barnwell Counties.

I am a general practitioner with a focus on Small business/corporate matters, and a local government practice. In addition to Real Estate, Personal Injury, Criminal and Domestic matters, I have a thorough background as a corporate generalist. Until we sold the hospital, I represented Barnwell County Hospital and the County of Barnwell, and now just the County, and various entities within the County. I also represent Augusta Fiberglass Coatings, Inc., and various affiliated companies, C&W Construction Inc., and the Three Rivers Solid Waste Authority.

I am well versed in UCC matters, construction litigation, commercial contracts, regulatory matters impacting manufacturers and local government

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