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When people put their loved ones in a nursing home when they can no longer take care of themselves, they expect that they will be taken care of with respect and dignity. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. In North Carolina and across the nation, thousands of elderly people are mistreated on a daily basis.
Nursing home abuse or nursing home neglect can take many forms, but is often unseen by the majority of people until it becomes dangerous to the individual.

Injuries from accidents can also show signs of abuse, such as if a person suffers unexplained or unreported spinal cord injuries or brain injuries due to falls or other accidents. It is critical to fight for the rights of elderly victims involved in abuse in Greensboro as well as the entire state of North Carolina. Many times, these cases involve wrongful death and the Statute of Limitations is two years. You must act quickly. Nursing home residents worked their whole lives and now need our help, and nursing home corporations are paid very well to do this. Many nursing homes literally make millions in gross revenue each year. Instead of hiring another CNA or nurse, nursing homes pocket the money and put residents at risk.

All of this makes it extremely hard to litigate these nursing home cases. If you look at attorney advertisements here in Greensboro and surrounding areas, many claim that they handle nursing home abuse cases but very few actually do. Ask your attorney for their resume, ask how many nursing home abuse cases have you taken to jury trials, and what was the result? You will need a very good Greensboro nursing home attorney to handle these nursing home abuse and neglect cases.