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Everyone makes mistakes. If you or a loved one has been arrested for driving under the influence, be sure to call James W. Davis & Associates at 478-742-1440 as soon as possible. We have the experience to keep you out of jail and your driver's license in your pocket.

One mistake doesn't make you a bad person. You may even feel you've been wrongfully accused. No matter your circumstances, you deserve the best legal representation available in the Macon area. You deserve James W. Davis & Associates.


Divorce can get ugly no matter how hard you try to keep it nice. When the going gets rough, you need an attorney who can handle motions, appeals, and other legal matters in a professional yet stern manner.

With James W. Davis & Associates, your divorce proceedings can move forward with the proper representation in place. Don't fear the courtroom, embrace it. Call 478-742-1440 today and protect your rights where it matters most.