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Sarasota area attorney Jeffrey Haynes has spent most of his life persuading people. At George Mason University, he was a member of an award-winning debate team, and then went on to become a first place member of the University of South CarolinaÍs Law SchoolÍs trial team. While, like any successful attorney, Jeffrey has argued many different perspectives, one position that has not changed is his deeply held belief that no person accused of a crime should face those charges with the representation of a competent, caring attorney who is dedicated to preserving the rights of the accused. In the United States, a greater percentage of the population is incarcerated than in any other civilized, Western nation. This is not a symptom of Americans being more criminal than people from other countries, but of a criminal justice system that has steadily moved away from the presumption of innocence.

Like many defense attorneys, Jeffrey began his legal career as a prosecutor. Working as a misdemeanor and felony prosecutor in the Sixth Judicial Circuit in Pasco County, Florida, he prosecuted thousands of cases, including cases in the juvenile division. He also worked for the Twelfth Judicial Circuit State AttorneyÍs Office prosecuting cases in both Sarasota County and Manatee County. While working as a prosecutor, Jeffrey gained experience with a wide variety of criminal offenses ranging from misdemeanors to felonies up to First Degree Murder.

Since 1996, Jeffrey has focused on criminal defense. A skilled negotiator, Jeffrey is also unafraid to go to trial and helps his clients pursue the paths most likely to result in the most favorable results. He understands that every individual defendant has his or her own history and considerations that help guide decisions in criminal cases, meaning that every defendant should be treated as an individual. Moreover, he understands that the outcome of your criminal case not only impacts you, but also impacts your friends, family, and your community.

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