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John L. Corn Attorney At Law

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John L. Corn is a Dallas criminal defense attorney with many years of experience handling thousands of cases during a 28-year career defending criminal clients. Mr. Corn has personally handled more than 6,000 criminal cases including 2,000 felony cases, 2,500 DWIs

Mr. Corn understands that dealing with lawyers can be expensive. Thatjs why it is a priority of his to provide excellent service to his clients at fair and reasonable rates. Mr. Corn will work very hard to accommodate you, while getting the results you deserve. For example, a Dallas county DWI fee to investigate is $1,000.00. However, he offers a payment plan where you can pay a down payment and then submit payments on a bi-weekly basis. For the fee, Mr. Corn will make court appearances for you and will review the evidence with you to develop a game plan.