Ft. Lauderdale family law attorney Kenneth Kramer understands that family law is the one area of the law that impacts and is impacted by every other part of the law. The decisions you make in other parts of your life impact your family, and the decisions made in the context of your family necessarily impact all other areas of your life. That is why, after practicing criminal and civil law law for 24 years, in 1995 Kenneth decided to devote his practice to family and dependency law. He has spent almost two decades focusing exclusively on family issues, honing his expertise in family law.

More than anything else, Kenneth understands that family law struggles are difficult for his clients, for their children, for their spouses or ex-spouses, for extended family members, and even for friends. No one gets married hoping to get divorced, and no one gets divorced without experiencing some pain and turmoil, even those leaving very bad marriages or those fortunate enough to have amiable divorces.

Part of KennethÍs understanding comes from his educational and professional experience. In addition to being a practicing attorney for over four decades, Kenneth has a masterÍs degree in marriage and family therapy and is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who served as a Family Counselor for the School Board of Broward County. He is also a certified Family Court Mediator, helping to resolve family law disputes in a non-adversarial process that can help divorcing partners transition more quickly from adversaries to co-parents.

What KennethÍs extensive professional experience means for you, as a potential client, is that he is not just a legal expert concerned about protecting your financial interests; he is also interested in helping you transition through your family law dilemma in a way that promotes health and happiness for you and your family. To schedule a consultation with Kenneth, you can contact him at 954-468-3220 or visit his website at: http://ftlauderdalefamilylawyer.com