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Because cars are such an integral part of most of our lives, we tend to normalize auto accidents. After all, most people will be in an automobile accident during their lifetimes, whether as a driver or passenger. The vast majority of these accidents will be minor. We refer to those accidents as fender-benders; small accidents that result in moderate damage to the vehicles involved and maybe a few minor injuries. However, while car accidents may be commonplace, it is an error to assume that the injuries received from car accidents are an expected part of riding on the roads. Auto accidents can result in significant injuries to people and property, resulting in lifelong medical expenses, possible lost wages, and changes to standard of living. Moreover, many of these injuries may not be readily apparent at the time of the accident, when adrenaline makes injuries and any pain is assumed to be the normal soreness one can expect after an accident.

More severe auto accidents often lead to more severe injuries. A severe injury is a traumatic event. The victim needs to focus on healing, but is often facing financial difficulties that make it seem imperative to come to a quick resolution with insurers. Injured people may also fail to understand the severity of their injuries and the lifelong consequences, financial and otherwise, that can result from a severe injury. Adding to the complication are the fact that injuries often leave their victims in pain, emotionally confused, and vulnerable. These problems can impact other areas, causing relationship or marital problems. The result is that many victims are asked to make an important life decision at one of the most vulnerable times in their lives.

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