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Dallas area attorney Kimberly Stovall knows that personal injury attorneys have a certain reputation among people who do not understand the role of personal injury law. Personal injury law did not develop in order to provide people with unjust windfalls in the event that they suffered in an accident or as a way to punish those who accidentally injured others. Instead, personal injury law developed as a way to provide those who have been injured with the compensation that they need to make themselves whole. In the eyes of the law, the concept of wholeness means that, although compensation cannot undo injuries, it can and should put people in as close to a position as possible to how they were prior to their injury. For example, if a person has lost the use of an arm, no amount of compensation will replace that arm. However, compensation can pay for prosthetics, replace lost wages associated with the loss of that arm, and cover the additional expenses a person will incur from having to pay for services that he or she can no longer do without assistance because of the injury.

A graduate of the University of Houston Law School, Kimberly has spent over 25 years dedicating herself to helping those who have been injured become whole. However, she also realizes that personal injury law plays an additional role in modern society: deterrence. In many instances, accidents are not actually accidental, but extremely foreseeable events that occur solely because one party is behaving in a reckless manner. The law has developed punitive damages as a way, not only of punishing an individual who has injured others because of reckless behavior, but also to discourage others from engaging in the same behavior.

If you have been injured because of someone elseÍs behavior, you may not understand what your lifelong challenges will be, what type of compensation you need to help make you whole after your injuries, or whether your injuries are the type that give rise to punitive damages. Kimberly offers free consultations and contingency-fee only arrangements to help even those who believe they cannot afford an attorney get the legal representation they deserve.

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