DUI / Traffic Violations

Our attorneys at Laputka Law Office are skilled and experienced in the areas of vehicular criminal offenses including DUIs.

A DUI conviction could put your future at risk. It could prevent you from obtaining employment as well as cause other issues in your family life. It also could lead to you losing your license and facing time in jail.

Laputka Law Office will use their experience in handling DUI matters when advising our clients how to proceed. Clients can rely on us with confidence knowing that they are being advised personally by attorneys committed to protecting the rights of clients facing DUI charges to obtain the best results possible.


Though you may have heard of the word before, what exactly does bankruptcy mean? As is to be expected, filing for bankruptcy is a complicated process and that is why we specialize in this field.

The best part to explain a bankruptcy is the legal process through which individuals or businesses who end up in financial trouble. They are unable to work out their debts. Often ñliquidationsî or ñreorganizationsî are words used to sum up the process when you file for bankruptcy.