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We offer expertise in DUI / Drunk Driving cases due to our rigorous training and experience as LA prosecutors. We build your winning defense strategy by identifying and targeting specific vulnerabilities in the State's case, and aggressively attacking those issues. We handle each part of your case so you donÍt have to appear in court. California is incredibly harsh on people arrested for DUI / Drunk Driving. DUI / Drunk Driving penalties consist of significant jail time, huge fines, long and expensive DUI/alcohol classes, community labor, ignition interlock device, vehicle impounding, and more. DUI / Drunk Driving convictions can also permanently ruin your criminal record and DMV record, making finding employment very difficult, and getting insured extremely costly. It is critical to seek a Los Angeles DUI lawyer for your DUI right away to ensure a proper DMV hearing so the DMV does not automatically suspend your driver's license.

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Super Lawyer Rising Star 2014-2016, AVVO Clients' Choice Winner 2012-2016, Top 100 Trial Attorneys and former LA Deputy District Attorney

LA's toughest and most successful DUI defense team in your corner. We are the highest rated DUI team in Los Angeles. Call today for a free consultation.

Yelp Reviews

Matt L.

After getting my third DUI (first in 10 years), I was scared to death at what the consequences would be. I feared doing serious jail time, countless hours of community service, $10's of thousands of dollars in fee's...I had no idea. I found Hart Levin here on Yelp, and must say I was a little skeptical at first because there were nothing but 5-star, rave reviews. Well my case was finally settled this week, and there's a reason for the stellar reviews (Yelp is not hiding any negative ones at the bottom...please trust me on this because I can't fathom that any exist)!

With Hart and his team representing me, I am 100% confident that I could not possibly have gotten a more favorable outcome. From beginning to end (roughly a 1 year process), they were always available, responded to my questions promptly and they essentially handled everything for me...there was minimal work required by me.

This could have been a very devastating, life-changing event for me. From the bottom of my heart I can't thank Hart and Jill enough for making this turn out the way that it did. I did no jail time, no community service(!) and the fines were half of what I'd expected. Simply amazing. You can NOT do better than Hart Levin representing you!

Girly G.

We retained this firm to help with my sons second DUI case and probation violation.

Our attorney Matthew Cohen was the absolute best! right from he start he showed us what he can do. We were extremely happy with the results and with Matthew Cohen

Definitely this is the team to call.

Karinna Z.

Look no further! 1000% the best experience.

Can't even begin to explain how AMAZING this law office is. From start to finish, Hart personally helped me by easing the stress that is involved with a case like this. They appeared in court for me, informed me of everything every step of the way, and they were extremely honest about the entire process.

I had called a few other attorneys and they all made it sound so complicated. Not to mention that Hart has experience in the LA Court system and everyone knows who he is and he has earned a great level of respect from the Judges and DA.

Thank you to the entire office and to Hart for representing me so well and making the process so easy.

Highly recommended!

Recent reviews

The best attorney I\'ve ever worked with! Smart, kind, compassionate - and the best results. I couldn\'t be happier!!! Thank you!!