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Austin area attorney Jessica Warren believes that ensuring that you have your affairs settled before you pass is one of the greatest gifts you can leave to your loved ones. Not only does it help ease the transition period by making sure that your loved ones know your wishes and can adhere to them, but a well-written estate plan can also help alleviate some of the fighting that family members do when there is ambiguity in a will.

Jessica attended the University of Texas at Austin, and then Baylor Law School, where she was named the Thomas R. Phillips Scholar. After law school, Jessica began her legal career in Houston, where she litigated product liability claims. She was thrilled to have the opportunity to move back to Austin, where she began to transition away from personal injury law to estate planning and probate. In 2010, Jessica went into solo practice with her own firm, The Law Office of Jessica M. Warren, and then, in 2015, added a partner in her firm, transitioning to the current Law Offices of Warren & Lewis.
JessicaÍs focus on estate planning and probate has gained serious attention. She was named as a Five Star Wealth Advisor in 2012, 2013, and 2014, and a Five Star Estate Planning Attorney in 2014. She also engages in estate planning education for her peers and to various community groups, in addition to her work as an adjunct professor of Introduction to Fiduciary Law at the McCoy School of Business and Texas State University.

To find out how Jessica can use her estate planning expertise to help you ensure that your estate is handled according to your wishes, for help with a probate matter, or for an questions that you might have about wills or estates, contact Jessica at 512-469-9500 or visit her online at: