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In Arkansas you must establish grounds to obtain a divorce, unless you have been separated for 18 months.

The Grounds as set forth in Arkansas Code Annotated section 9-12-301 are:

Impotence This requires that either party was at the time of the marriage and still is impotent.
Felony or Other Infamous Crime If either party are convicted of a felony during the marriage.
Habitual Drunkenness for One Year
General Indignities These grounds are the most often cited reason for divorce. This includes such indignities to the person as shall render the spouseÍs condition intolerable.
Willful Failure to Support
A party seeking a divorce must prove:
[Arkansas Code Annotated section 9-12-307]

(1) Residence in Arkansas of either party for 60 days prior to commencement of the action;
(2) That the cause for divorce existed within five years before the complaint was filed; and
(3) That the cause of action for divorce existed or occurred in Arkansas or if it occurred outside, the acts constitute grounds under Arkansas law.