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Leslie Loftus


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Ms. Loftus offers a concierge approach to her clients. She begins with the assumption that each case calls for special handling, since no two family law cases are alike. After the initial consultation, she works with her clients closely, to provide them with a basic understanding of Florida family law proceedings. Ms. Loftus and the client are then able to work together to ensure that there are articulated, agreed-upon, legitimate and realistic goals. After the goals are established, Ms. Loftus provides her clients with a range of options designed to meet those objectives. She reviews the advantages and disadvantages of each option and provides her recommendation. Ms. Loftus believes strongly in this approach as the best means of seeing that the client is empowered and fully-informed, and that if significant sums are to be spent on legal fees, the client understands why and knows ahead of time that significant fees will be incurred.