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Attorney Luke Dow is an Austin native who graduated from Anderson High School in 1987 and returned to Austin in 1995, after completing his undergraduate degree at Baylor University and getting his JD at LSU. Since returning home, Luke has focused on making Austin an even better place for his clients. A former partner with Coldwell & Dow, Luke has focused his practice on personal injury cases, where clients have been injured due to the negligence of others. Luke is now a solo practitioner, though he continues to concentrate on personal injury cases.

Personal injury attorneys often get a bad reputation, as do the injured people who are seeking compensation for the injuries that they have suffered because of someone elseÍs negligence. However, Luke understands that the purpose of damages is to make an injured person whole, which is a legal term-of-art that means that monetary awards should do what they can to make the person as they would have been if the accident had not occurred. Luke has handled a wide variety of personal injury claims, from car accidents to defective products and malpractice claims. He has the experience to help you estimate the probable lifelong expenses that will result from your injuries, and he is not afraid to take you case to trial to protect your interests.

While Luke primarily practices in Austin and the surrounding area of Hays, Williamson, Bastrop, Blanco and Burnet counties, he also handles cases in all of TexasÍ major metropolitan areas. So, if you are in the Lone Star State and you have suffered an injury because of someone elseÍs negligence, call Luke for a free consultation where he can help you understand the lifelong costs of your injuries. You can contact him at 512-518-4104 or visit him online at: