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Marshall P. Whalley & Associates, PC has met the legal needs of families and individuals for more than 30 years. In addition to our experienced trial lawyers serving Indiana, North Dakota, Illinois, and Michigan, we are available to practice nationwide having handled claims in well over a dozen states.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury, consult a law firm with a solid record of success. Marshall P. Whalley and Associates, PC works with you and fights to achieve full compensation for your losses. To schedule a free consultation and case evaluation contact us Toll-Free at 1.855.442.7211.

MESOTHELIOMA - over 30 recoveries
Attorney Whalley has recovered dozens of recoveries from asbestos manufacturers and distributors with a 1 00% SUCCeSS rate.

A young boy suffered brain damage due to an improper intubation. This settlement was limited by Indiana's strict Medical Malpractice cap on damages.

PRODUCT LIABILITY - $2.3 million
In a case that was turned down by four other prominent law firms Attorney Whalley proved that a defective ignition switch led to the death of a single mother who had fallen asleep at the wheel and crashed into a telephone pole. Attorney Whalley employed seven top experts in their fields to prove up this complex case. The settlement proceeds were utilized to care for the woman's minor child.

This tragic case involved a good samaritan who stopped on the highway to try to rescue the driver of a semi that had crashed and was on fire. As the man approached the semi it exploded severely burning him. He later died of complications from the burns. As it turned out the driver of the smashed semi was already out of the cab.

TRIP & FALL - $1.35 million
A mechanic tripped over a raised door-stop causing permanent injury to his neck. His monetary recovery has allowed him to get proper medical care and supplement lost income.

CAR CRASH - $1.65 million
A woman in Pennsylvania sustained multiple internal injuries when a drunk driver crashed the car she was in. Attorney Whalley filed suit in Florida due to the state having better jury verdicts. Her settlement allowed her to get a much needed surgery and replaced lost income.

A semi ran over and killed a pedestrian while speeding through a poorly lit truck stop. Attorney Whalley sued the driver and the truck stop. With the help of an accident reconstructionist, a video expert and numerous other renowned experts an animation was done recreating the crash that proved the Defendant was driving recklessly. The settlement proceeds helped offset lost income and put the widow's son through college.

Doctors at a prominent Chicago hospital failed to timely recognize signs of a Compartment Syndrome that left the patient with little use of the affected leg.