When most people think of criminal charges, they usually don't picture themselves in this situation. But even though it can be hard to imagine, it only takes one bad decision to end up on the wrong side of the law. Whether it's a DUI, a charge involving violence or a serious traffic offense, criminal charges can have very serious consequences. In fact, they can impact your personal relationships, financial health and professional outlook.

Although there's no way to snap your fingers and make the criminal charge you're facing disappear, that doesn't mean potential consequences have to become a reality. Because the legal system is very complex, there's almost always more than one possible outcome to a case.

Don't Wait to Contact a San Francisco Attorney

If you want to put yourself in a position to secure the best possible outcome to your case, the first thing you need to do is contact an experienced San Francisco attorney. From finding the best approach to take of your case to providing representation and guidance while in court, the list of valuable things that an attorney can do for you is quite long.

In terms of what you should look for when choosing an attorney, experience is the most important factor. When a San Francisco attorney has a proven track record of getting results for their clients, you can count on receiving that type of treatment.

Marsanne Weese has exactly the type of experience you want from an attorney. Not only did she start her career by working as an Assistant Investigator and Assistant District Attorney in San Francisco, but she has successfully defended clients facing a wide range of charges. Those charges include grand theft, DUIs, assault and traffic charges.

Since Marsanne Weese has the experience you want on your side, contact her today to discuss how she can use her knowledge and skills to help with your case.