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  • Truck Accident
  • Nursing Home Abuse
  • Drunk Driving Accident

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If you have been hurt in a personal injury and are not able to get the compensation you need to heal, you may wonder what type of lawyer you need to help you. On the one hand, you want a lawyer who is compassionate and cares about helping people. On the other hand, you want an attorney who is aggressive and not afraid to fight for justice for you. You may think an attorney cannot be both compassionate and aggressive, and that, in order to get one, you have to compromise the other. Minnesota personal injury lawyer Martin Montilino knows that you must be compassionate in order to be an aggressive, zealous advocate for your clients. If you are not compassionate about your clients, then you are not fighting for them, but for yourself.

Martin is a graduate of Hamline University School of Law, where he was the recipient of the Robert Linn Levine Memorial Scholarship. He also received the American Jurisprudence Award in 1989. He has been practicing law in Minnesota since 1991, and is a member of the Minnesota and Hennepin County Bar Associations. He is also a member of the Minnesota Association for Justice.

Though he is now a successful attorney, Martin has not forgotten what it was like to struggle financially. He worked his way through college and law school, and knows how serious the threat of unexpected medical bills or lost wages can be to a familyÍs financial future. As a result, he is committed to helping his clients recover for all of the damages a personal injury can cause, whether they are physical, financial, or emotional. He also wants to help alleviate the stress and strain that many people experience when trying to handle a legal dispute and heal or grieve. For a free consultation, contact Martin at 612-236-1320 or visit his website at: