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Managing your way through the web of rules and procedures that accompany a serious car or truck accident is difficult, and a wrong step can keep you from fully collecting your due compensation. By contacting Mezrano Law Firm, you’re putting a Birmingham car accident lawyer on your side who can:
Help you navigate the insurance claim process

Talk to the insurance companies for you

Seek compensation for the other parties negligence

Seek punitive damages

Review and collect evidence to improve your case

Contact witnesses

and so much more.

Though Alabama law requires that drivers carry basic liability insurance when operating a vehicle, often times it’s simply not enough. car accident attorneys Birmingham, AL. Medical bills for the treatment of.



Broken bones

Spinal damage

Nervous system damage

Or any number of other possible outcomes can have medical costs that vastly outstrip what is covered. Not to mention that this basic coverage won’t assist you with lost wages while seeking treatment, or compensate you for the emotional damages that can be prevalent when you sustain serious injury.