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One of the most difficult things about finding a quality attorney is that, for most of us, when you need an attorney, time is of the essence. Most, if not all, legal issues have a time component that makes it difficult to spend enough time interviewing attorneys to ensure that you have selected the right one. Moreover, without experience in that area of the law, many of us simply do not know the questions to ask potential attorneys.

Punta Gorda area attorney Michael Raheb takes a basic approach to the practice of law: he believes that your attorney should be your advocate. For him, as your attorney, your interests come before anyone elseÍs, and he will do everything he can legally and ethically do to ensure a positive outcome for you. He also works to ensure that his clients are comfortable with him. For example, Michael has a multi-cultural client base and he speaks both English and French to communicate with his clients.

Michael has a BBA in Management from the University of Miami, an MBA from St. Thomas University, and a JD from Nova Southeastern University. His background experience is in helping many of those on the margins of society: he has worked as a public defender; he has helped champion the religious rights of the incarcerated; and he has examined womenÍs rights from an international perspective. This background has enabled Michael to be a better champion for his clients, because it exposed him to the realities that many of his clients face on a daily basis. Whether dealing with a criminal, family, personal injury, or immigration law issue, Michael knows that each clientÍs case is unique and deserves personal attention. He even ensures that an attorney is available 24/7. To schedule a consultation with Michael, call 866-949-0888 or visit him online at:

Recent reviews

Thank you Mr Raheb for helping me!

I\"m so glad I decided to hire The Law offices of Michael M. Raheb. He got me in to see him as soon as I wanted. He gets right down to business. In my case he got things taken care of within just weeks. I highly recommend him.

Michael Raheb is someone I would reccomend to anyone! He cares and will fight for you. He did a great job with me through the entire process and at my trial. If you need a great attorney, call Michael!

I am in the middle of a nasty divorce and child custody battle. My ex wife hit me with a bogus injunction and then used lies to get me arrested for an alleged violation. Michael told me straight up that she would probably get the injunction because of the arrest. He said and I quote \"I\'m not a magician\". I don\'t think I believe him though because like magic he not only got her injunction dismissed but he got the violation charge completely dropped!

Now I want you all to know I\'m not giving him 5 stars because it was all dropped. If I lost everything I still would be giving him 5 stars. He\'s getting 5 stars because he went in the court room and passionately fought for me and my daughter. He did an amazing job and he is truly talented. We walked into that court room not knowing what they were going to hit us with and he destroyed her. There is an art to cross examination and he has mastered it. If their testimony has holes in it he will find them. It was like watching a movie.

Micheal is a good guy and I cant thank him enough. I could have lost my daughter for 6 months or more with no contact and I owe every night I have with her now to him.

Thank you again Michael.

Mike was awesome! Professional, firm, did what he said he would and more! Thanks so much Mike!