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One of the most difficult things about finding a quality attorney is that, for most of us, when you need an attorney, time is of the essence. Most, if not all, legal issues have a time component that makes it difficult to spend enough time interviewing attorneys to ensure that you have selected the right one. Moreover, without experience in that area of the law, many of us simply do not know the questions to ask potential attorneys.

Punta Gorda area attorney Michael Raheb takes a basic approach to the practice of law: he believes that your attorney should be your advocate. For him, as your attorney, your interests come before anyone elseÍs, and he will do everything he can legally and ethically do to ensure a positive outcome for you. He also works to ensure that his clients are comfortable with him. For example, Michael has a multi-cultural client base and he speaks both English and French to communicate with his clients.

Michael has a BBA in Management from the University of Miami, an MBA from St. Thomas University, and a JD from Nova Southeastern University. His background experience is in helping many of those on the margins of society: he has worked as a public defender; he has helped champion the religious rights of the incarcerated; and he has examined womenÍs rights from an international perspective. This background has enabled Michael to be a better champion for his clients, because it exposed him to the realities that many of his clients face on a daily basis. Whether dealing with a criminal, family, personal injury, or immigration law issue, Michael knows that each clientÍs case is unique and deserves personal attention. He even ensures that an attorney is available 24/7. To schedule a consultation with Michael, call 866-949-0888 or visit him online at:

Recent reviews

So helpful, plus everything they said was true. Great to find a trustworthy, loyal attorney in the area who not only has your back but is available anytime day or night for his clients. We appreciate you and thank you and your office staff for all the help during these times.

He saved me from serving time!

Well, I have to be honest. My wife and I got into a dispute and I of course ended up getting arrested. My wife did not want to press charges as she felt that it wasn\'t fair because neither party was innocent. Anyhow, she called and found Mr. Raheb. He was referred to her from a previous lawyer she had used, Ryan Hamilton (who as well is a GREAT lawyer), who only handled Family Law. She said she spoke to Raheb and she said, \"Sure, he sounds a little bit cocky and a little bit outspoken, but THAT is EXACTLY the kind of lawyer you want. Not some meek, mild, and go with the flow kind of guy. You want someone who\'s proactive and gets the job done.\" I hired him immediately. My wife is pretty good at making decisions, so I went with her advice. Once I hired Raheb, he immediately had my wife fill out a new sworn affidavit, as the police told her piece by piece what to say in the police statement. (Which was very obvious that she had by the wording that was in the statement.) She agreed. She filled it out honestly and he emailed it to the State Attorney right away. In his words, \" I\'m not going to sit around and WAIT for the State Attorney to file, I want to stop it before he decides to file. I\'m going to email him, I\'m going to make calls, and I\'m going to try to get this dismissed as quickly as possible.\" I was impressed. Within a couple of weeks, the State Attorney had thrown out the case, I was able to talk and see my family again, and my military career hadn\'t been affected. I have 14 years in the Army and it would have definitely hurt my career. But it was a smooth process, I truly truly would recommend you see this guy. He\'s rough, tough, and gets the job done. You want out of your mess? Believe me----go with this guy!!!! Don\'t seconds guess, just hire him. Don\'t end up paying a crazy retainer for some lawyer who acts like your case is \"just another case.\" This guy is your guy.