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Law Cat, who is almost 17 years young, is the TJ Cade Law's Chief Executive Feline Counsel! The oldest cat then at Peggy Adams Rescue, Law Cat became part of our firm when we rescued and adopted him in August 2014. Law Cat, formerly known as "Jake", had been traded in by his owners of many years in favor of a new kitten. Law Cat adapted quickly to life at TJ Cade Law, LLC. He is well cared for, and enjoys the visitations of our clientele. He keeps an eye on things for us, as he resides here 24/7. He is often seen to be on top of his caseload, quite literally. He is quite spry for his age, and is well loved by all our clients.

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I would use him any day! Best law cat around!

If you\'re charged with procession of Catnip, Law Cat is the guy to call!

Best Law Cat I Know!

The best